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    Is there a media player for Blackberrys with a balance control as in most computer audio players? I have two mono signals encoded in a stereo stream and want to be able to only listen to the left or only the right channel.
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    09-27-09 01:02 PM
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    I am surprised that there is no such program available. Any suggestions are welcome.
    10-19-09 08:54 PM
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    I have the same request - I have a hearing impairment such that one ear needs more amplification than the other to balalnce out when using earbuds.
    10-23-09 11:28 AM
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    vsinc: I don't think there is one. But I read awhile back (like March maybe) there was rumors the next version of media player would have this. Haven't read anything since.

    dontfret: You can get headphones that do this. So maybe thats an option.
    10-24-09 10:12 AM
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    I have hearing impairment, a little deafness on the left ear. It's very annoying without audio balance, equalizer. I've a Blackberry Z30. I know a lot of people with such problems. Some with hearing problems, others with hardware headphones problems. Also some radio frequencies are not correctly sound balanced. Problems even with some mp3 music files.

    This is for all devices with OS 10. Z10, Q10, Z30, and so on...

    Could be good an equalizer, balance app or an OS native solution.

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    08-26-14 05:19 AM
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    Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808. FilePLAY Music Player
    08-26-14 07:07 AM