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    Before BB10, BB Traffic was a great alternative to any other GPS application or a mounted device because its voice-only navigation was mainly accurate. The current BB Maps is potentially an awesome competitor of other smartphone apps. However, right now, it lacks a needed learning ability or a complete set of updated maps: just take a shortcut or make a new turn and it will start stubbornly directing you to "make the next legal U- turn" to find your way. No matter how many times you "show it" a better way to go, making one uneasy to trust it when in an unknown route.
    Does anyone in CB management or community, know if BlackBerry is doing work to resolve these issues and updating the app?
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    03-16-14 08:45 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    This is not the first time I have heard this. BB maps is kinda blah IMO. Its totally new and they didnt carry over everything from traffic and such. Hopefully it gets some attention soon!
    03-16-14 08:51 PM
  3. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Do remember Traffic. Loved it! It was amazing that even with no graphics I got to everywhere I needed without a problem. I just left the "next turn" option on the screen for a quick glance, but the audi was spot on.

    It does seem that Maps can definitely take a cue from Traffic. But it doesn't do a bad job. Alternative routes would be greatly appreciated.
    03-16-14 08:56 PM
  4. southlander's Avatar
    I liked traffic but it had the same inept search function as maps. Meaning one that could not locate correct destinations based on current location and "close enough" misspelled words. The actual guidance on either is perfectly fine.

    03-16-14 08:58 PM

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