1. irnru90's Avatar
    Ok, Here is my problem: I have bought some medical programs that I need for work to put on my phone. When I download the programs they go the main memory instead of the sd card. I also attempted to download a couple of games that I paid for and I can't even get them anywhere near the phone! My question is how do I get the programs to go to the card instead of the main memory. My phone also says I do not have a card installed in the device. The card was put in when I purchased the phone and I did double check to make sure it was in correctly. What can I do? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
    05-18-08 01:07 AM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    You can't install programs to your SD card. You can put the files on your SD card and when you are ready to use them, install to your phone.

    Aerize Card Loader 2008 - Premium BlackBerry Utility Software
    05-18-08 02:10 AM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    Also, welcome to the crackberry family.
    05-18-08 02:12 AM
  4. irnru90's Avatar
    Just wanted to say thank you for the tip and weblink. I am going to try out the suggestion. I think though that I solved the issue I was having. I just turned off the mass storage in the phone and I was able to get the downloads that I had purchased. I am still having some issues with the sync to my computer. I am going to keep working on it though. Any tips you want to throw my way will be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks for the kind welcome to the website. I am sure I will be on here a lot till I get used to this phone. Thanks again for your help.
    05-18-08 10:49 PM
  5. brothamoveson's Avatar
    Welcome to CB enjoy the Curve as far as your sync goes check your configuration in the desktop manager and make sure it set to your preference.
    05-18-08 10:52 PM