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    Ok, so I am not sure if anyone else has been experiencing this problem but as of yesterday, I had encountered an issue with my gmail continuously attempting to send out emails but only through my blackberry (Verizon tour). It gets better....I am a member of several google group servers and the email only seem to generate and send to those servers, nowhere else. Originally, it was just attempting to send but would always fail. So, I deleted my email settings off my service books, then deleted my email off my phone through the setup, then I did soft reset, reactivated my host routing tables and then reinstalled my email onto the phone. That fixed the problem temporarily...Now, the issue started up again a couple hours ago but this time the emails are generating automatically again and actually going through as delivered. Every time an email is sent out automatically, the google mail recipient sends back a unsuccessful mail delivery status. But wait it gets better, so I asked other people on my servers and they too are having the same exact issue (the problem started around the same time for everyone), and we all use gmail accounts. You would think it's a gmail issue which it just might be, but the email are only being generated through blackberries. It doesn't matter what carrier it is, as long as it is a blackberry, that issue continues. So, now I'm back to step 1 not knowing how to resolve this issue...I am also curious to know who else recently experience this problem. any suggestions please!!!!!
    12-08-09 10:09 PM