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    Ok so I went to the Magella site to take a look at maybe upgrading my GPS system.
    What I saw kinda caught me by surprise, stated the price to upgrade was $79.99. I don't know if this is correct or not, I will call tomorrow to find out.
    My questions are 1) Can I get this free?
    2)Which brands let's you get map upgrades for free is it TomTom? I heard there was someone out there.
    I'm thinking of buying a new GPS unit and giving this one away because a new unit can be had for about $130-$200 for a nice unit vs. Paying $80 for and upgrade I mean I've already paid for the unit and paying $80 twice is the cost of a new unit. So its like why not pay the extra money and get a newer nicer better unit.....
    Gimme some thoughts and opinions please.

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    11-07-09 02:01 AM