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    I have used CrackUtil five times over the years when leaving a prior employer to remove the IT Security policy and managed to accumulate
    over 5000 contacts spread between the many different Contact Lists on my crackberry. I loved that tool. The OS handles all seven of my
    Contact Lists just fine and allows me to sort and use them as if they were all one database of contacts, and when I get a new BB, it handles
    moving them all, but now I need to port them to an iphone for my current employer and am stumped with how to move them. My searches
    have shown a few options but they all handle the already syncing contact lists easily, but not the five old contact lists (under Options within
    Contacts, they are listed as Unknown). I even tried to see if each was a file I could pull off with CrackUtil and put back in the syncing mode
    but the sizes were too small to be the contacts. Anyone have any experience with these Unknown Contact Lists and how to handle?
    I am sure going to miss my keyboard and these devices, but I'll be back! Thank you, JG.
    Update: I tried OneMediaHub and it only moved the already syncing contacts. Still stumped.
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    03-19-14 08:18 AM
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    I've moved your thread to the BlackBerry OS forum for better exposure.
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    03-19-14 08:25 AM

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