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    I have been looking for an app that will track work orders, labor costs, customer address info, etc., and be able to calculate on a weekly basis the labor costs totaling at the end of the specified week. And be able to set the work week days also...I found an app called Timeme Pro, which looks similar to what I need, but it does not calculate my labor costs for each job. It can do quite a bit, but if anyone could suggest an app that would work, that would be great.

    I want to track my work/time as I am paid piece work, and per job, and be able to track all work information daily, so I can have that easily accessible. I tried just using the BB calendar, but it takes a while to organize all that info, and it's not that easy to view all work history together.

    Any suggestions? I would gladly pay well for an app that does all I stated.


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