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    I need an app to track mileage for work.

    Also I am looking for a separate app (or can be the same as the mileage tracker) that I can show my girlfriend where I am at a particular time, but also the route I have taken or have been. Glympse works but I have to constantly send a new map with it each day. Latitude only show my current location, not my "waypoints" or the route I've used while the app is open.

    Would instamappr do this?

    I know what you're thinking, ditch the controlling manipulative obsessive stalking b****. Easier said that done

    Also I'm keeping my eyes out for my next-gen phone (IF IT HAS TOUCH SCREEN IT ALSO MUST HAVE A KEYBOARD). The rule I impose on myself is that I keep a phone for a year before getting a new one.
    04-21-12 04:51 PM