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    im looking for software that would be run on my 9630 and/or syncable to my pc that would basically allow me to set up a value (10 x passes) then count them off as the person used them. untill zero in which you would be reminded to buy more or something...like a punch card for blackberry

    ive poked around and havnt seen anything like that. i can write a excell doc for the simple behind the scenes but i much rather it be a program with a pop up dialog box with the clients name :session remaining: do you want to use a session?" kind of selectable check box, and ideally tied to contacts info for email alerts or something about their standings.

    i can think of 100 different uses for this type of log software. but for my buisness where i sell packages of 10 or 20 moving away from a paper/written log to a more portable and integrated would make life sooooo much easier for some.

    any ideas? or perhaps even a good workaround on pc software that can be syncd to BB?

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    08-27-09 10:40 PM