1. eugenegoldberg's Avatar
    I'm looking for a call scheduler that is capable to dialing phone numbers, which contain pause characters and additional numbers (i.e. your typical conference call: 80007776655,,6667755#)
    I have tried TXTLater as well as Call Scheduler, but, both apps fail to actually dial a complete number.
    Does anyone know such an app?

    04-07-10 06:15 PM
  2. veerthetiguy's Avatar
    the BB contacts/dialer does this automatically. if it's a number you call often, in the phone number type what you need, go to BB menu --> add wait/pause. you can do the same when dialing a number in the dialer as well
    04-07-10 06:42 PM
  3. eugenegoldberg's Avatar
    Thanks, veerthetiguy, for your reply!
    I knew that I could dial such a number form my contacts.
    What I'm looking for is a scheduling app that is capable of recognizing such a number.
    I have tried TXTLater and Call Scheduler, but, they both fail to call the entire number properly.

    Best regards,

    04-07-10 07:11 PM
  4. evan123's Avatar
    did you ever find an app that can do this for free? (dial a specific number at a scheduled time)
    06-21-11 06:44 AM
  5. lebismaria's Avatar
    Hello guys,
    I think there would be several apps in iTunes and Google play store. You can download any suitable app from there. However, I will suggest you to please have a look towards future scheduler app. It can schedule call for any number at specified time.
    04-21-14 07:31 AM