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    so when i get to work everyday, i set my sound profile to a custom made one labeled 'Work'. im one of the few POLITE people in a workplace that tone down their ringtones to a proper non-annoying volume.
    anyway, is there an app out there that can change your sound profile automatically at a specified time?? i sometimes forget to change it, and it'd be nice to have an app auto set it for me a specific time everyday.
    04-26-10 07:40 AM
  2. ttfmaep's Avatar
    I don't have either of these, but there were some threads recently.

    One is ProfilerPro which is the Deal of the Day today.

    The other is RingScheduler.
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    04-26-10 07:43 AM
  3. webmastir's Avatar
    awesome. i'll check those out. thanks man..
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    04-26-10 07:46 AM
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    Thanks for being courteous, too! People, there's a vibtrate setting for a reason!
    04-26-10 08:03 AM