08-08-09 12:31 AM
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  1. cjistewa's Avatar
    The LiveStrong App is available for BB users (other than Storm). It is unfortunately still not available for the Storm from my most recent check.

    If anyone from The Daily Plate is reading this, WTF?
    05-13-09 03:48 PM
  2. JLS81185's Avatar
    Hey guys!
    I too was mislead to downloading the livestrong app. Considering that this thread was started in April and it is now early June I am inclined to say that the app was simply just not ready for Blackberry as most users who were able to provide reviews indicated that the app was buggy and unresponsive to the site. In the meantime I wanted to Blackberry user's an cost effective alternative.

    Total Fitness (v.4.0) App by mobiteq. (No I don't work for them) It cost $4.99 on BB App World. ($30 at other sites) Additionally, Blackberry App World has an average rating of 4.5 of 5 for it. There's also a trial period (but only for 24 hours which is a ridiculously short evaluation period)

    Many reviews suggests that it works well for what you would expect.

    Screenshots from App world indicates that the app is able to do everything the Livestrong app promised to deliver. (i.e. Daily log of meals & exercise, graphing, etc)

    One screen shot looked like it showed an exercise. Could be useful for people who aren't familiar with the form. (Not sure if the Livestrong App can do this)

    The database of food items does not seem to be as extensive as the Livestrong app.

    According to some of the reviews there seems to be very limited support for this app.

    Check out Handango for more reviews
    I'm trying the trial tonight and will report back later.
    06-08-09 12:45 PM
  3. sherry7's Avatar
    Stormy, if you PIN me, I'll tell you how to get a similar program for free (no, I'm not referring to Calorie Counter by FatSecret or Calorie Count Nutrition that you can get for free from BB App World).

    LiveStrong has really dropped the ball on their BB Storm application. I have to admit that I'm highly unimpressed.

    Any update on when/if the LiveStrong App will be available for the Storm? I use this everyday (on my computer), and was sorely disappointed to find that I cannot use it on my recently acquired Storm.

    What is the program that cjistewa is referring to above?
    08-08-09 12:31 AM
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