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    Hi, everyone! I recently came across this app called Little Chirp. Technically, "LittleChirp is a very simple twitter software which allows you to post tweets. The app is only composed of two menus, a log in screen and menu to send new tweets. LittleChirp is the most simple twitter client I have ever used, it only does one thing ( send tweets ) and does it very well."- words of the publisher over at Blackberry Freeware ...

    I downloaded it into my BB9700 running OS; its icon appears in my homescreen and I can open it but, I can't send a tweet to my twitter account. Does anyone else have this problem? D: Or, does anyone even use this app? I would really like to have this app up and running because sometimes, I want to just send a tweet, and don't really want to wait for others' tweets to load, like in other Twitter apps such as Ubersocial, Openbeak, etc.
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    05-16-11 11:37 AM
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    I have the same problem on my 9700 running I think it's an issue with the Twitter API. LittleChirp used to work for me, and now it doesn't. I've reverted to bersocial...at least it's faster than it used to be. You don't have to wait for tweets to load, either, you can push the menu button and tweet right after you launch.
    06-09-11 10:41 AM