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    I did a search and didn't find anything on this..... and it's new to me but......

    I just a picked up a BB9900 this week. Figured out the BB LinkedIn app was not supported on 7. devices (so it appears... and it's not a great app anyway)

    So..... I decided with a much improved browser I would just login on the BB Browser and save an icon/bookmark to my homescreen/favorites for LinkedIn.

    Somehow..... i wound up loging in or accessing LinkedIn

    Pretty neat UI. You should try it. Not bad at all for not having an official app. If you try it and like it....... just save the bookmark to one of your panels for easy LinkedIn access.

    Hope this helps someone!!

    UPDATE- just did some more searching and found where there were 1-2 posts about this back in Aug/Sept so it's not new. It was originally developed (according to 1 post) for iphone and Android. Someone mentioned not being able to access on BB9900. No problem here. Works fine for me.
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    Thanks for the link to this! I like the interface and it makes me wonder how many other sites have something similar?
    02-24-12 03:15 PM