1. vimuktitech's Avatar
    PRICE: $ 3.99 till MAY 31, 2010
    DOWNLOAD LINK: Life Organizer - Personal Productivity BlackBerry Apps

    * Everytime you forget something or some event, you would be feeling that you needed an organizer or any assistant which would help you out in your life.
    * This application can be that assistant.
    * Events like making reservations, meetings, assignments, presentations, etc are some of the important events or things you ought to remember.
    * Manage your life using this Life Organizer.
    * This allows you to remember all the important dates without using a calender.
    * This Life Organizer can be used for projects, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, maintenance, & all those special days which are important to you.
    * This application shows you the number of days remaining from now.
    * Option of filtering the events according to the categories.
    05-03-10 08:35 AM
  2. vimuktitech's Avatar
    Please find the attached screenshots of Life Organizer
    05-17-10 04:59 AM
  3. J-One's Avatar
    this would be a pretty cool app.

    But, even though it's < $4 I dunno about paying for it. I have a "thing" about paying for apps/themes/etc
    05-17-10 05:11 PM