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    Lately, I've been getting frustrated with seeing everything for android and iphone. I'm sick of seeing tv advertisements that say "download our app for android and iphone". What about us blackberry lovers??
    A lot of pizza places have apps for the other 2 out there, but no bb love.
    In another thread, someone said they can't get the wall street journal on their PB or BB.

    I know there are MANY instances of this, and its time to fix it.
    Every time you see a tv ad, or anything that says "download our android and iphone app", post it here.
    Then we all need to flood that company with emails. Tell them how great blackberrys are and how so many of us use them. Tell them if they had the blackberry app, you and thousands of others would download it!

    I've already emailed pizza hut...I know its nothing big, but its a start.
    And I can't do this alone people. So let's rock and roll this, and get more vendors to make apps for the great blackberry phones and playbook!!
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    05-16-12 04:57 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Hopefully we'll start to see blackberry as a choice once bb10 phones are out.
    05-16-12 06:41 PM
  3. editionfws's Avatar
    If we want it as a choice when bb10 comes out, we need to start now.
    05-16-12 07:47 PM
  4. editionfws's Avatar
    Anyone have and suggestions on what you want apps you want a company to put out?
    05-17-12 04:54 PM
  5. _MissV_'s Avatar
    The internet radio station I listen to, started creating apps for phones and every time they mentioned the others, I always retweeted them, asking for a BlackBerry one.

    Constantly bugging them, as they kept saying how app for the others were coming out.

    They tweeted back how they're not forgetting the BlackBerry users, and even tweeted a pic of the app application

    Now they have a BlackBerry app, its not listed in app world though, but you can get it via their website

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    05-17-12 09:44 PM
  6. editionfws's Avatar
    Good job! That's exactly what I'm talking about!
    If enough of us do this with other places, we should start seeing more and more blackberry apps!
    05-18-12 09:08 AM
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    And I added a local news station to my list. They have iphone and android already.
    Waiting for the reply.
    05-18-12 09:21 AM
  8. ForgWorm's Avatar
    By the time BBOS10 comes out there will be tons of apps flooding the app world that are actually useful and that are on Android and IOS. Since they introduced a new developer app making thing.. which i have no idea what its called.
    Just be patient and wait for BBOS10 (:

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    05-20-12 08:25 AM
  9. Frazberry's Avatar
    but not every bb user is gonna just pick up and migrate to os10.... we need app for phones that run os5 6 and 7
    05-20-12 10:28 AM
  10. editionfws's Avatar
    Exactly @fraz! Thank you! That's my point exactly!
    05-20-12 11:39 AM
  11. editionfws's Avatar
    So noone wants to get on this with me?? Noone feels the same way I do? Its a shame...
    07-17-12 07:13 PM
  12. BigwhiteUK's Avatar
    I want RedLaser for BB
    07-18-12 05:03 AM
  13. anon(4285399)'s Avatar
    Becoz BB OS (not sure about OS10) was a outdated system, still using Java as a core (wtf), full of restrictions (people call it 'secure'), not performance minded hardware.
    Even compared to my former (dying) Symbian.. BB OS looks like an ancient.

    Self-instropective BB user.
    07-18-12 05:08 AM
  14. editionfws's Avatar
    Some may think that, but its simply not true. It may "look" outdated to you, but the bb OS is very complex. I personally love the way the bb os is. I hate ios, and android, and even more dislike symbian.
    If one were to make an app using webworks, it is very simple to make apps for the blackberry OS.
    07-18-12 09:50 PM