1. Evan2000's Avatar
    Hi All,
    I will first start by saying I could have set something that did this and can't figure it out. I use berry buzz on my vzw tour. Today the LED stopped working. I think? all the setting are right? Now if I delete berry buzz remind me when the LED would go on? I tried that and sent myself a email and it did not go on. When I pulled the battery it went on during re-boot.

    Any thoughts..?

    03-06-10 03:26 PM
  2. CBfan17's Avatar
    have you installed a new os on your tour recently? you usually have to re-enter all you registration codes and if you have done that it could cause berry buzz not to work as the trial would be expired. probably not the case, but its a thought. i hope you find a solution!
    03-06-10 03:34 PM
  3. shanx#WN's Avatar
    make sure it's not in bedside mode
    03-06-10 03:55 PM
  4. Evan2000's Avatar
    make sure it's not in bedside mode
    Thank you!!!! You win the prize. I must have put it in the mode.

    03-06-10 04:59 PM
  5. supermario6582's Avatar
    thanks! that's exactly what i was going through today.
    03-28-10 11:06 PM