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    Hi all! We just launched a new app, Project Spark, and we are looking for BB users to provide feedback. It is free. Below is a brief blurb on it. Thx!

    It can be a pain, keeping track of your life. Calendars maintain organization, clocks provide order, but no tool can give you an analysis, a breakdown of your daily life in the pursuit of happiness. Project Spark offers the opportunity to do just that and were excited to start this new community! Our free application for BlackBerry sifts through the chaos of your schedule by breaking down your calendar events into several categories (the application does not gather any of your data). The categories are yours to own though, and arent meant to be rigidly defined. The app itself is incredibly simple to use. Just download Project Spark (BB users you can also search for it through App World on your phone) and view the Tutorial page to get started. You can read more at Free Project Spark - Download Project Spark - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World. For more information, please contact [email protected]. Thanks!
    03-27-12 10:55 AM