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    Hey Guys,
    as you know, LaterDude Pro is currently being updated to a new version with a lot of new features and bug-fixes.

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, drop a comment here and tell me what you would add or change!

    When the new version comes out, I am giving away 10 random copies of the App for Free! The only thing you need to do is become a Fan of LaterDude Pro on Facebook! It's that simple. Around the end of this month, I will release the App and randomly chose 10 winners of the free copy!

    Become a Fan of LaterDude Pro now!

    03-12-10 03:10 AM
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    If you don't yet have a copy of the well-know LaterDude Pro App (call-back and follow-up reminder) then here's your chance to win one of 10 copies.

    Just become a Fan of it on Facebook and I'll draw 10 random people!

    Make sure to drop a line in the Facebook Fanpage why you want the App!

    Good luck,
    05-16-10 01:35 PM