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    I read the whole thread and it is simple. If you want free software then go back to your Windows mobile. It is a simple choice.
    06-18-08 12:00 PM
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    Thanks F2 I will check it out. And about the email to memo program, can you tell me the name? It sounds good.


    Many people are using blackberry because of work reasons and don't have a choice as to which OS to use.

    There is no reason not to have good freeware on Blackberry. There are freeware for all other platforms including Windows Vista, Mac OS, Linux, etc. For example Firefox, Gimp, and Pidgin are available for all major desktop operating systems. Cell phone developers of opensource and freeware developers for smartphones could follow that model and release their apps for the major smartphone OS (BB, Palm OS, WM, Symbian)
    06-18-08 12:17 PM
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    I have read most of this post since it was of interest to me and was shocked at the response that started the tone of this thread by someone that is a developer of software for the BB. I would think he wants people to buy his software and from the tone (and this is how I took most of what he said) he was acting like an eliteist trying to justify why he charges so much. I enjoyed the initial humor of his post, however it seemed to go downhill from there. Not everyone can program, however I am sure somewhere in his life someone with knowledge that he does not have has helped him out and didn't want to be compensated for their time. They probably did it because they are nice people or like to help. I have done many things for "no charge" in my line of work because it's good karma or free advertising when you go beyond what is expected.

    I have enjoyed my BB and am excited about the potential, however like many people I think that a lot of the applications are over priced. Some applications are upwards of $30 and correct me if I'm wrong but I would think a PC game full of graphics is much harder to develop than a utility application on a BB. Just my 2 cents
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    The email-notes application can be found on the following link:

    It is the Notify application (not sure why it is called that)

    Atomichelix - Product Downloads

    It adds a MENU item to your email/messaging application
    06-18-08 01:45 PM
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    I want to thank the people who took my original question seriously, and either shared the same concerns that I have, or have shown me some of the free apps (although still a meager list) that they're using.

    I agree, it is a shame that some of my concerns were flamed, but it all works out in the end. By the way, this thread helped me find out that this forum has an ignore feature!!
    Yes, I too learned how to use the ignore feature after reading a post in this thread. I don't think you were treated very nicely by some. 99.9% of the people in these forums are wonderful and very helpful.
    06-18-08 02:06 PM
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    Dead horses deserve to be beaten!
    This adds an interesting aspect to the arguement!!
    Farewell to the DevBerry Blog: MSG to RIM - Do Something! | CrackBerry.com
    07-01-08 06:57 AM
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    Well, I had to sign up to tell you all this. I bought my cousins very beat up 9000 for $50, found it was under warranty, and got a new one But, I am poor, and I buy stuff with food stamps like every other day, sometimes jabbering on my new Bold 9K And yes, it is always a conversation piece. YAH Bless, Jeremiah
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