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    Hi all.
    Like, it seems, many people online, I'm having trouble with the backlight of my 8530's keyboard. It lights up while the unit powers on but does not work at all during use. I have experimented with all settings, downloaded the latest OS, covered the sensor, and done everything else suggested online - have been Googling for quite some time. No luck. If I run the diagnostic test, the light sensor seems to have failed - it tells me it's reading a 12 when in a pitch-black room (when 0 is supposed to mean darkness).

    I bought the unit used, and I really don't want to replace it (took Virgin Mobile long enough to get this one working on the account, sigh!) So I'm trying to find another alternative for this, since typing in the dark ain't doing it. I'm wondering:

    1. Is it possible to take the unit apart and repair this myself?

    2. Is there an application available that will let me control this lighting? I have downloaded and tried BBLight, Leave It On, and Backlight Pro, none of which have a single effect on the lighting whatsoever.

    3. Is it possible there's an OS problem? I'm totally willing to roll back to whatever system it takes to get this to work (currently running most recent, 5.0 1675).

    Thank you very much for any assistance!
    01-02-12 10:26 PM