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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to share with you a great new app that we’ve just launched in the UK. This app has taken just over 4 years to develop and bring to market and it runs on BlackBerry and Android OS; it’s got just about the highest level of encryption possible.

    We’re sharing this and trying to get as many people as possible to like our app and leave positive feedback.

    Please click on the link, below, to go to our website and then click on the video:
    SqrOne - eMerit

    This was done professionally and paid for by RiM – though we have added a few bits and pieces in there regarding what standalone tariffs we can provide this service on. If you have a YouTube account please leave a positive comment and like the app. We also have a FaceBook page (who doesn’t these days!) – again, if you have a spare minute and you can leave a nice message that would be helpful…

    Our FaceBook link is:

    Thanks guys – hope you like.

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