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    Feel like a kid in a candy store.. what do you guys have in your menu? Suggestions for what's the most useful?
    03-12-10 12:42 AM
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    I use QuickLaunch and I also have Dial From The Home Screen set to Off in the Phone Options to give a ton of keyboard shortcuts.
    I don't know the difference in features between the 83XX version and 9700 version.
    I still only use single-letter shortcuts and I don't use the multi-click (yet).
    QL is set to my left Convenience Key.

    Time Date
    Weather - (set in QL Options)
    App Store
    BB App World
    -Radio On/Off
    -Manage Connections
    -Bluetooth On/Off (B)
    -Wifi On/Off (W)
    -Stay Lit (L)
    -Poynt (P)
    -Navita Translator
    -Druglord Wars (D)
    -Sudoku (U)
    -CrackBerry (C) - this is new CB Launcher
    -CB Forums (F) - direct link to my subscriptions page
    -Photobucket (O)
    Pageonce Asst (A)
    Screen Capture (S)
    Shazam (Z)
    My Barcode
    Reboot Device

    On the 9700, this is 14 lines and fills the QL "bubble" without going to more than 1 page.
    You might not have the same amount of room, but if you're a sane person you probably don't have the number of apps that I do!

    I recommend starting slowly with just a few, then add more as you get your shortcuts & routines down. If I could only have one app, it would be this one, so enjoy!
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    03-12-10 04:27 AM
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    Oh by the way, if you have any specific questions about QL, make sure you do a Search here first. There are dozens (at least) of threads that cover various QL-related topics and there's a very good chance it's covered.
    03-12-10 04:29 AM
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    My List is as such:

    - Bluetooth Toggle
    - GPS Toggle
    - Options
    - Device Info
    - Device Maint
    - Mem Cleaner
    - Quick Pull
    - Reset Device
    - Stay Lit
    - Screen Cap
    - Memopad
    - Memo - New
    - Calc
    - Moodio
    - Kindle
    - UberTwitter
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    03-12-10 07:50 AM
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    Aces Solitaire
    BB Maps
    Bluetooth Toggle
    Call Wife
    Event Log (so I can clear it now and then)
    Screen Capture
    SMS Wife
    Web Search
    WiFi Toggle On/Off

    I love this app!
    03-12-10 07:55 AM
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    Right convenience key and space bar on main screen open QL.

    Time and date at the top

    Apps folder with apps I need to reach while doing another task
    Phone folder with numbers often called
    Grandson picture
    Device info
    Password Keeper

    And that changes with time as I find more ways to organize. One of the top two apps on my phone. Hard to live without.

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    03-12-10 08:16 AM
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    Wow why didn't I make my reply nice & simple like you guys?!?!?

    I'm editing my 1st post to clean it up (Post #2 in thread).
    03-12-10 08:30 AM
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    OMG, I totally forgot about the Bluetooth Toggle being in there. I should have thought of it when I upgraded and added the GPS toggle. Fixed my original post.
    03-12-10 10:03 AM
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    Here are some of my favorites:

    Device Info: everything you need to know, including battery power, uptime, and media card space.

    Messages: I usually just look at the main in box for all incoming (several email accounts, SMS, BBM). If I'm in another app and the light blinks, I just click the convenience key and M (my shortcut for Messages) (This doesn't work as well if you like to open the in boxes separately, because this will take you to the last one you were in.)

    AppSwitcher_QL: I like this much better than the native app switcher. It lists all running apps in Menu style.

    Radio On/Off: I have found this is extremely fast. I use it if I lose 1XEV.

    Power Off: If you use this to turn it off, when you turn it on, the Radio is Off. Good for use on an airplane.

    I don't use a shortcut (letter) for the last two, so I'm not likely to use them unintentionally.
    03-12-10 11:07 AM
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    great thread,

    I just got ql and this thread solved all my problems in 1 shot
    06-08-10 07:19 AM