1. darna's Avatar
    Does anybody here rocking the Ace Email Viewer app?

    The reason i asked is because after installing it last night my phone somehow became hot and after a couple of hours my fully charged phone is drained.

    I have other apps such as google maps, vlingo, viigo, flixter and my memory is constantly at 25-29mb but after installing Ace Email Viewer it dropped down to 4-5mb. i deleted it and wiped the phone clean, install the .282 software and also re-installed the apps minus the Ace Email Viewer and i'm now at 47-54mb.

    I'm new to blackberry coming from iphone and just dont know what to think of it. was it just a bad app (i paid $10 for it) or do i have a memory leak somehow?
    07-08-09 03:18 AM
  2. BrandonB510's Avatar
    Most likely Ace Email Viewer. The only reason I would say this is because after removing AEV your memory jumped back up.
    On .282 my memory doesn't leak as often as .167

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    07-08-09 03:43 AM