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    BLACKBERY TORCH 9860, OS 7.0.0 - 2406

    I have jsut changed from an old SonyEricsson K530i to the a.m model.

    I used to run an java application on the old pohne and I want to do so on the new BB,

    I downloaded (dl.mobil.atg.se) and installed, all OK, but then I can not connect to the designated site to use the app.

    It's an app for betting on trot, it's from ATG.SE, and the connection is to be maid to "spela.mobil.atg.se"

    It's says the program has no signature do you want to allow ? I click yes and then after 30 sec. it says

    An error in the communication with ATG, pls check the device settings.

    I was in contact with the support of ATG and they say it's an J2ME Java-program and it should be able to

    run. They asked me to test with other J2ME programs like Opera Mini, and Opera Mini works fine.

    I suppose I have to change any settings for program or security ?

    Can ayone help please ?.

    Many Thanks, Alf
    04-25-12 01:50 PM