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    The Jared Company is now offering "Slide2Open" for free, as they say in an email, possibly sent to everyone who had a contact with the company. Here's a copy on the email:


    Hi ,

    We just released our latest BlackBerry app, Slide2Open, and we want you to get it for free.

    Slide2Open is a stylish, screen locking app for BlackBerry devices.

    Click here from your Blackberry to get Slide2Open from BlackBerry App World for free.

    Enagage Slide2Open manually by clicking the Icon, or set it to engage whenever your back light goes out (when the app is engaged, click your Menu button and select "Set Slide2Open Options").
    Set your favorite picture as the background image when Slide2Open is engaged.
    Unlocking your BlackBerry is a breeze. Just slide the arrow across the screen and youre good to go.
    No more accidental app launches, saving power to make calls and send texts that you actually mean to send.
    Slide2Open is simplicity itself. It performs a critical function without a thought, enhancing your BlackBerry experience.

    Slide2Open will work on all BlackBerrys with Operating System 5.0 or higher.

    Click here from your Blackberry to get Slide2Open from BlackBerry App World for free.

    Please share this email with your friends if you think they can use it.
    Until Next Time.
    Yours truly,
    Click here for more free apps from Jaredco: Free Blackberry Apps
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    7900 Blaise Pascal, Montreal, Qc H1E 2X8

    ----- END EMAIL ----

    Could this be because Apple was granted a patent on the exact functionnality?

    Have a good one, everyone...
    10-28-11 08:08 AM
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    Although that email is for a FREE version, there's still a PRO version available which removes the ads found in the FREE version of this app......meh
    10-28-11 08:21 AM
  3. rrrebo's Avatar
    The Jared Company is a bunch of lousy spammers. Avoid even their free apps at all costs.
    10-28-11 08:21 AM
  4. tryfe's Avatar
    The Jared Company is a bunch of lousy spammers. Avoid even their free apps at all costs.
    Agreed +9000!
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    10-28-11 08:24 AM
  5. qbnkelt's Avatar
    With all the discussion on the forums of this company's questionable products, I'm surprised folks still get their apps.
    I stay away.
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    10-28-11 08:26 AM
  6. MousePad's Avatar
    It seems I misinterpreted the email. I thought I had a good piece of news on my hand...

    Sorry, guys... Didn't want to toot their horn... :\

    EDIT: If the mods want to delete the thread, by all means, go for it...
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    10-28-11 08:31 AM
  7. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Mouse, I don't think anyone was slamming you! No need to apologise! There is a lot of information which would show these guys to be quite a problem in terms of shoddy security. You probably hadn't seen that info.
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    10-28-11 08:36 AM
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    I didn't feel like ppl were slamming me either... I just wanted to apologize for my haste, and lack of understanding...

    I'm not one of the company's fans, and don't want to come across as pushing their products... I really thought they were reacting to the patent Apple got recently...
    10-28-11 08:45 AM
  9. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Bloody JaredCo! I recommend filtering them out of your inbox, cause they'll never go away.
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    10-28-11 08:53 AM
  10. Goldwing07's Avatar
    Yeah im pisd getting a email from a company on a address know one knows and I dont even give out . So I informed them (Jaredco)to DELETe/UNSUBSCRIBE what ever NOWWWWWWW
    And I went through my phone apps I found and deleted the only one I had from Jaredco,and will be checking before loading any of there products in the future.I like to look for apps not recive a email from a App company pushing there products.
    I am not blaming you mouse.
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    01-20-12 02:47 PM
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