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    Do you think RIM will ever make a Jabber client? I've tried almost all of the available 3rd party ones (Beejive, IM+ Lite, eBuddy, Fuze, Palringo), but none of them have all the features I'm looking for:

    1) integrated with the Message Inbox
    2) a. integrated with Profiles for notification, and b. doesn't reset my notification settings whenever I restart the program (I don't understand why the developers of Beejive can't get this right...)
    3) modest battery use
    4) displays notification icon when new messages arrive
    5) works on OS5.0

    All of the native apps developed by RIM (BBM, WLM, GTalk) have these features, but none of the 3rd party apps have all of them.

    A Jabber client should be really easy for RIM, too, considering they already made a GTalk client, which is essentially jabber because the GTalk protocol is essentially a modified version of the Jabber protocol!
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