1. moneyhunster's Avatar
    Hi guys
    I am an avid blackberry user and since discovering blackberry bold and the lovely playbook i no longer use my desktop much but more to the point i used itunes sync to get my itunes music on my playbook and now find i use amazon to buy music from my playbook and dont use itunes anymore. I plug my playbook on the dock and listen to it at night.
    What i would like is to be able to get my playbook music library and playlists on my blackberry bold without bothering with itunes anymore, a direct playbook/bb phone sync. I emailed the chap who made itunes sync who said its an interesting idea, i just wondered if anyone else feels the same as me?
    12-22-12 06:01 PM
  2. Zach Gilbert's Avatar
    That's defnintly a good idea, maybe something we will see with the new BlackBerry desktop software that will debut with the new BlackBerry 10 devices. But I under stand your frustration!
    12-23-12 12:17 AM

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