1. crackheaddx's Avatar
    i decided to download the "updated" bb app world, which downloaded successfully. immediately after, i downloaded the .722 leak, which also downloaded successfully.

    when i went to open bb app world after rebooting and all that, a loading screen came on followed by a message that said "BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World server. Verify your network connecitons and try again."

    can anyone tell me what to do to fix this?
    06-16-10 03:27 PM
  2. anon(140126)'s Avatar
    Are you in a coverage area? If you are, try a battery pull.
    06-17-10 12:13 PM
  3. rcnathan's Avatar
    ....can anyone tell me what to do to fix this?
    yes, your only option is to uninstall the version of the App World that you have right now and try downloading an older version. In other words, don't download it straight from Blackberry.

    There are many other threads on this forum describing the exact same problem - check those out, users have posted download links for an older version of the App World.
    06-18-10 12:11 AM