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    Is anyone else with a Curve 8320 having issues getting the new release of Facebook to install? If so, were you running the Beta version prior to this and received a prompt to update to the latest release?

    I have been dealing with this for several days and every time I try to get the update I either get an error that there was a problem followed by an issue with connecting to the App World Server, or the download will occur partially then fail. Frankly, I'm getting more than a little perturbed. I have even wiped my phone's OS and tried to install from scratch with no success. I was finally able to install an older version from a backup, but let's just say that isn't doing much for me.

    I'm this close to jumping ship to Snaptu just to get my FB fix handled. Either that, or backing up my wife's phone and installing Facebook from that backup.
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    11-17-10 11:20 AM
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    I tried to get Facebook Mobile to update as well, but it wouldn't do it over the air for me. Tried this both over the EDGE network as well as on Wi-Fi with no success. I ended up deleting the current version of Facebook Mobile I had, complete with reboot, and downloaded the latest version ( with the older version gone. It worked for me!
    11-18-10 07:17 PM
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    each time i try to update..its saying that app world is not available in my country...is the new facebook for north america alone?
    11-21-10 02:33 AM
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    i have read that the fb through app world has alot of issues and the best way to download it is from the fb mobile page.

    as far as issues, i dont have a curve but i have a bold and the newest one was a huge drain on my battery even with no updates in the backround.

    i would stick with the old one if you had a chance.
    11-21-10 02:56 PM