1. issuesgalore's Avatar
    I've had my BB (8120 Pearl) for nearly a month now, and I hadn't had problems until the last few days. Even though I signed out of google talk, and it indicates on my BB that I am signed out, friends of mine of g-chat tell me that it shows I am still available (green bubble next to my name).

    The issue is that everytime I sign in to my gmail account on my computer and check my chat history, there is always 4-5 chats that were sent my way that I didn't get. For instance, I woke up today and got online (via computer) and had 3 chats from friends that were sent over an hour earlier.

    How am I suppose to make sure I am, in fact, signed out of Google Talk on my BB so this is no longer an issue? I have rebooted, battery pulled, etc. I have signed in and signed out numerous times and, regardless, I am still available whether my BB indicates I am or not.
    08-12-09 01:44 PM