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    This is my first post on the forum as I'm a new BB user.
    I have a BB Bold 9700 connected to my company BES Server that implement an IT Policy prohibiting the installation of third-party applications.

    As a consequence I can't install any app using OTA. I thought I could do it using DM installed on a home PC configured with a BIS, but it seems that even this solution would not bypass the IT Policy enforced on the 9700.

    However, I was able to install 'Blackberry App World' using the javaloader method. The application works fine and was even able to update itself. The problem is when I try to install an application via App world, the system tells me that IT Policy doesn't allow it.

    Then I thought that if I was able to install BB App World using javaloader, I would be able to install another application. I then tried to install Google Maps :
    - I downloaded the jad files
    - then downloaded the cod files
    - then uploaded the cod files using javaloader using the manifest mode
    Unfortunately, javaloader returned an error for each cod file because of invalid digital signature. On the forum, I read that this is caused by the IT Policy.

    My question is why did I have a problem with Google Maps whereas I had no issue with BB App World ?

    If you have any info that would allow me to install Google Maps I would be very grateful.
    03-29-10 04:21 AM
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    Anybody can help me on this topic ?
    03-29-10 04:34 PM
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    An explanation would be much appreciated.
    Thank you for your support.
    04-01-10 05:11 AM