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    Here's a good read on an interview with a head honcho from ss.

    Hit it up and let me know what you think.

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    05-24-11 12:08 AM
  2. californiablackberry's Avatar
    Exclusive Interview with SocialScope CEO Amit Kumar

    ^ That's the link to the actual, full interview.
    It's a good read!
    05-24-11 12:12 AM
  3. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Isn't socialscope owned by Canonical, the group that produces Ubuntu (linux)? I think I heard that somewhere, maybe you guys can confirm/deny that.
    05-24-11 03:41 PM
  4. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    Well, I am one of those individuals who has been left behind for this latest update to come through, even though I have been an early adopter for more than 2 years. I have provided plenty of feedback for bugs and suggestions which have all been addressed in various updates. I have constantly praised them for making such changes. Now, I dont even receive a response from them any longer....

    The problem is that they make a great product. A little too good IMO. Most everyone could agree that their application is top notched. So with that said, what other feedback could be provided if everything an individual complained about or needed was already addressed?!?! Does a user have to send a weekly email asking for the same additons over and over (with no reply) in order to get an update?!?! Most have the same requests as mentioned in the interview, and the response to everything is that they are looking into it, or they cannot divulge any information on it. So what feedback are they looking for? If I have issues, and they fix them with an update, how can I provide additional feedback without a newer version (since the update provided corrected what I previously reported)????

    I love SS, but kinda disagree with the tone of the statement. It's private beta which means that they can do what they want with it. But, why hold updates hostage for bug reports that cannot be generated on older/obsolete versions since being fixed?

    The only way to generate new bug reports is to get a new version...

    Anyway, I do love the product, and aside from add-ons like BBM api's and such, I currently see nothing wrong with v.174 to report any longer.

    If they are happy to leave us behind, then I am happy with what they provided to us. I no longer keep embarrasing myself asking for any updates. It is a great application as is.
    05-24-11 04:20 PM
  5. hahree's Avatar
    I still can't remove my facebook account. that's one obvious missing feature, deliberate one it seems.
    05-25-11 04:30 PM
  6. trek750's Avatar
    Is this the longest any app has been in beta? Why don't they just release the thing already?
    05-26-11 10:35 AM
  7. DawgMan's Avatar
    I've had the same issue and after countless emails sent over a period of several months they finally responded. They said I needed to request a new invite with a different email address, set it up and not link it to Facebook. So following their instructions I did that. Never received a response so I'm still using the initial account linked to a Facebook account that I no longer use.

    I still can't remove my facebook account. that's one obvious missing feature, deliberate one it seems.
    05-26-11 11:12 AM
  8. hahree's Avatar
    As nice as SocialScope is it would be a shame if one day they wake up finding their app being obsolete. Seesmic on android and iphone does about all the things that SS does on a BB and more. The BB version is unfortunately not very polished yet but it does its job.

    I'm bringing up seesmic because in addition to it those platforms, particularly the iphone has the best facebook app, for twitter twidroyd on the android is amazing so SocialScope would have to make a really amazing versions for those platforms.

    What I'm trying to say is why abandon the blackberry when they already have a nice fan base.
    05-26-11 12:28 PM
  9. sasky's Avatar
    Is this the longest any app has been in beta? Why don't they just release the thing already?
    I was wondering the same thing, over 2 years in beta? What's the big hold up?
    05-26-11 01:52 PM