1. ajwtucker's Avatar
    I've had a problem wth my 9780 for a few days now that's starting to get really frustrating.

    In a nutshell, the BB Web Browser works fine both using my data plan and on WiFi. However, the other apps that I have on the phone that require Internet access (Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, etc.) have started to have major connectivity problems - the requests are serviced either extremely slowly or time out/fail completely. This is at the same time as being able to browse using the web browser without any issues.

    I'm on O2 UK and have a BIS data plan. The OS version of the phone was, but the problems remain even after an upgrade to I've tried pulling the battery for a long time, toggling the phone/WiFi/Bluetooth on and off without any improvement. I've also re-sent the service books.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what to look at next, it would be much appreciated.
    05-27-11 01:40 AM
  2. nellisere's Avatar
    go to Options > Device > Advance system settings > TCP IP > and make sure its disabled
    05-27-11 02:51 AM