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    This is our latest beta version 2.1.41

    You can download it OTA from get.instango.com

    Changes since last release
    - Support for invisible status
    - Added Notification icon on homescreen (As suggested by jmaddr here)
    - Added prompt on disconnect/exit (As suggested by kstrouse here)
    - Now remembering status on every restart (As suggested by kstrouse here)
    - Option to hide tabs when there is no active chat (on by default)
    - Added option to copy link, not just opening (As suggested by dhanu here)
    - Bug fixed when using Wifi a disconnect will not reconnect because instango thinks there is 'No coverage'
    - Bug fixed where contact/account delete was not deleting correct item when list changed before delete was acknowledged
    - Potentially fixed bug where contact list display became corrupted on scrolling
    - Bug fix where entered text is being sent when text field is accidentally clicked (Blackberry Storm)
    - Fixed bug where chat open for two days will show same date on day change (As suggested by kstrouse here)
    - Fixed bug where chat not updated on theme change (As suggested by papped here)
    - LED notification when contact comes online extended to run longer
    - Improved loading speed on startup
    - Improved traffic usage on startup

    OTA : http://get.instango.com/downloads/bl...a/instango.jad
    BDM : RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
    02-02-09 12:20 AM