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    I have an AT&T Bold 9000 with OS 4.6. I have tried Opera Mini 5 final out & like it overall, but in several ways I still prefer 4.2 to it. I would like someway, if possible, for BOTH to be on the machine, like was the case when I had 4.2 & 5 Beta 1 on there.

    I have BBSAK 1.7 and have Opera Mini 4.2 and 5 final saved on the PC as .cod files.


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    Well I did finally find the answer at this link (at my.opera) where they mentioned they've developed an alternative 4.2 simply renamed to 4.0 so it can be dual-installed alongside 5.0 final. I did so (as I myself described in a posting there) and I'm golden.
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