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    I am an 8310/AT&T user but have a friend (brother-in-law's wife actually) who has a Pearl/8130 with Alltel (now Verizon I guess). She wants me to "add stuff" to it--I don't know what, but I'll find out here later tonight when they come over.

    Anyway, I don't think this person has Desktop Manager installed on their PC--I've seen their PC, and it's an ancient as the hills. I could do over-the-air installation here, except I know for a fact that Alltel has almost zero signal where we live (AT&T has a little bit of one).

    The best I can see doing is referring here to this site (Crackberry), the often-referred to here OTA site of free apps for Blackberries, then have her proceed on her own at a location with a better signal. But I bet she doesn't know how to do any of that.

    I really have my work cut out for me, don't I?

    A former Palm Treo user, one thing I liked about their setup (please don't flame me, I'm one of you now!) was that most programs could be downloaded as stand-alone .prc files and then merely copied-pasted to the phone and voila, program installed. In fact I put those .prc files on the SD card and if I ever had to wipe the phone or whatever, all I had to do was find the 5-6 .prc files or so, copy-paste--everything was done in less than a minute.

    Depending on the application (say, GMail App or Google Maps) can something like this be done? Or, otherwise, what's the best route here--other than the obvious, which is for Ms Brother-in-Law's wife to increase her own literacy (haha).
    08-28-09 06:43 PM
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    With ota apps they install automatically to the device after you visit the site I would just go with ota instead of desktop manager anyways, dm sometimes can be annoying with apps... With the BB unfortunately you can't install every app to memory card but I believe you can install some ... Section on how to do it in the how to part of the forum I believe

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    08-29-09 12:58 AM