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    I am running a Torch 9850 with OS 7.1 (1737 bundle/ on Verizon. I have no new e-mails, texts, or messages in Twitter or Facebook, but each time I open either of those two applications, The new mail notification appears. The light does not come on, however, showing a new message waiting. I have the exact same version number for Facebook and Twitter ( I have reinstalled both programs, but that has not resolved the issue. Does anyone have any ideas on the issue?


    10-30-12 11:24 AM
  2. Cesare21's Avatar
    Hey I also have the same issue. I get the new mail visual notification on the top right corner. I find it pretty strange.
    10-30-12 11:47 AM
  3. COPiSEN's Avatar
    It might have to do do with an old email still marked unread, did you try to enter the message inbox and "mark all as read"?

    Also, look into all folders of your email accounts (spam folder and so on) and try to find any unread mail.

    When you open facebook, does your phone really show a mail notofocation? Or a facebook notification?

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    11-01-12 03:15 AM

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