1. anneyia's Avatar
    hello i have a question in regards to opera mini 4.2 i would like to know will i get charge for using opera mini with wifi because i do not have a data plan with t-moblie?
    04-18-09 03:31 PM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    You should be ok as long as you are on WiFi.
    04-18-09 03:39 PM
  3. anneyia's Avatar
    thank you i got a little worry i am new to this lol
    04-18-09 03:45 PM
  4. anneyia's Avatar
    but i do have some browsing restrictions right? like no youtube lol
    04-18-09 03:47 PM
  5. xliderider's Avatar
    No restrictions, are you going to the mobile site? m.youtube.com
    04-18-09 03:55 PM
  6. anneyia's Avatar
    i have never heard of it but i will try i remeber goin to a similar site that wa slike youtube but they said i never to install flash player but when i try installing i couldn't fix the version for blackberries
    04-19-09 07:38 PM
  7. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    There's no Flash for BlackBerry. That's why you need to go to the mobile site and not the regular site.
    04-19-09 08:13 PM
  8. pkcable's Avatar
    Check out the Wifi Sub Forum for lots of help and tips for using your BB's wifi...

    04-19-09 08:19 PM