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    I need to restore a backed up data file ( in .txt format, made with All Notes backup app ) to my Remember app on Z10. The remember app does not seem to provide an import optiion, and none of the share/export optiions on the All Notes Backup app can get my backup data where it needs to be. Can anyone tell me how I should be doiing this??


    07-11-14 03:01 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    The only thing I can think of is to load up Evernote and import your notes there. It will show up in Remember.
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    07-11-14 03:46 PM
  3. KKruglov's Avatar
    create evernote account (evernote.com) and add it in settings, then it should sync your evernote notes with remember app (i mean, firstly import txt files from your first app => on desktop in evernote and then it will sync to remember app).
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    07-11-14 04:02 PM
  4. Dave Green1's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestions, both of you. I installed an set up Evernote, and the files did show up in Evernote, but minus all of the Reminder app folder and formatting. It is only semi readable, with no folder divisions usable. Nice try, but I still need a way of getting the original folders and formatting back, else the info is useless.
    Again thanks for the effort, but I hope you or someone else has another idea.

    07-11-14 05:58 PM
  5. FireChestApps's Avatar
    It's not yet possible.

    We are working on opening up Remember notes to being editable on a desktop computer ie. being able to edit them and shuffle them around between folders on the desktop before Zipping them up and performing a restore back onto the phone.

    Another update will arrive next week with an update for plain text export (line breaks issue). The following update will allow moving notes en masse between folders just by shuffling them between folders on your desktop computer.

    The app is "Backup Pro" and it's available in BlackBerry World.
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    07-11-14 08:07 PM
  6. Dave Green1's Avatar
    Ok, looks like I just have to bide my time, and wait for the update. Thanks,

    07-11-14 08:38 PM

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