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    I use and really like Shape Services IM+ instant messaging program. I bought it a long time ago for my 7520 and have since transferred it to my 8820 and then to my Bold. They have been great about keeping the software current and posting new features. The last few days I wound up in a loop while trying to start the program, I would get a message that IM+ was attempting changes to control permissions (not strange on first start), would save them and get the message "you have set the necessary changes. These settings will take effect after the next start of the application". When I would try and start again, same loop. Battery pull didn't help. Wrote their customer service who advised today they are aware of the problem - it's a conflict with the new Blackberry App World 1.1. Removing App World solves the problem for now. Thought I might share in case others had the problem
    08-04-09 08:38 PM