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    About a week ago I realized that AIM was no longer receiving new messages. I had to refresh my buddy list to see if anyone had said anything to me. After not finding any solutions to that problem I switched to BeeJive. After that ran down my battery to nothing after only a few hours I switched again to IM+. Battery consumption is fine now and the functionality seems to be great, but I can't figure out what I did to make it stop putting an icon in the status bar to let me know that I've received new messages.
    I finally configured BerryBuzz to get it flashing and vibrating and all that crap and I think somewhere along the way I broke something. IM+ will make an audible sound to let me know I have a new message, and the LED flashes correctly, but I get no other indication. PopUp notification seems to be completely broken (worked great in beejive and I miss it). I'm not happy about the fact that they offer no documentation, and I have to register to post a question in their forum. I figure folks here have a better idea of what's going on anyway. I'm all ears and if you want to try to convince me to switch back to beejive or some other multichat I'm open to discussion.
    06-02-10 09:33 AM
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    Looks like the status bar icon notification is tied to the setting that will add entries to your messages mailbox when IM+ is running in the background. I specifically did not want chat messages showing up in my mailbox but at least I have my status bar notifications now. Seriously considering giving BeeJive a second chance to see if I was just having a bad battery day.
    06-02-10 11:04 AM