1. hexwulf's Avatar

    I recently used the trial version of iLock, as it was recently mentioned on the main/blog entry page.

    I was unable to get it to function properly, after a couple attempted battery pulls etc, still with no luck. I am unsure why it was being difficult for me, so, I decided to try and start from scratch.

    I uninstalled, rebooted the device, and just before I went to re-install, I noticed, that any of the files/folders that I had on my external memory card, which I had locked using iLock, were not showing up anymore.

    I have battery pulled a few times, still nothing. I plugged the card into my laptop reader, and those files / folders are nowhere in sight.

    Has anyone had this issue? Any suggestions? As far as I can tell, by uninstalling the program, it deleted the files/folders that I had locked with it. This is not good, to say the least.

    I have emailed the dev, in hopes of some info, but no response yet. Hopefully the CB community sees something I am not.

    06-13-10 04:53 PM