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    I am currently using a blackberry 9700 Bold which is getting a lot of use. I have t mobile which recently introduced 3g network. I dont use the web a whole lot up until lately. I see that Rims choice of browser for all of there phone is IE. I do have a few questions for people using the web a lot and have use all 3 browsers. I am looking for a browser with more speed and more features. Would you wait for the next edition of IE that comes to BB or jump ship. thanks
    03-25-10 03:48 PM
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    Thanks for the tip my friend its really appreaciated. I love my new 9700 i am trying to get as much input as possible. Perhaps i will stay with IE for the time being your right it is fast. The 9700 has a bunch of memory to spare but if i am not using the applacation why keep it. again thank you
    03-25-10 07:38 PM