07-12-09 04:54 AM
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  1. wtm1417's Avatar
    beforehand i am not mocking, just curious so please enlighten me. Why would a civilian be interested in a police scanner? just for fun? or as a makeshift radar detector or something by hearing the polices location.
    03-31-09 07:20 PM
  2. somdfisher#AC's Avatar
    My brother in law, aunt, good friend are all police. I hang out with people from the firehouse. I know people in the call center. Not only that but with my experience with the police and talking to them, what you read in the paper is only half of what actually happens. They only release certain stories so they dont scare the public. Like the guy that lived next door to me that died of a heroin over dose. Would be nice they did that crap thirty feet from my house and my kids. Hey what do I know, I'm a rubber necker. Some people should think before they speak.........The guy that almost hit us running from the police tried to stab a kid and run them over at the play ground down the street, good thing we weren't there...........
    03-31-09 07:26 PM
  3. lswingle's Avatar
    I use my scanner when there is really bad weather. Public Safety is usually the first to know when conditions aren't conducive for me to be out on the roads.
    04-06-09 11:19 PM
  4. rmccarty420's Avatar
    This is a great idea for an app.
    04-06-09 11:30 PM
  5. vzwpru's Avatar
    This is great! Cant wait to try this out tonight!
    04-06-09 11:58 PM
  6. someone's Avatar
    This is what I use...works like a charm
    I have been able to get a few streams from the surrounding area, but how do I get a local one? I live in Fairfax, VA. Can anyone help?

    04-07-09 05:33 AM
  7. Jdeeze's Avatar
    Whoever develops this app will get rich lol tell me I'm lyin and yall won't pay for it? I would lol

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    04-07-09 05:40 AM
  8. vzwpru's Avatar
    I'm not sure if I missed a step but I can't get it to work. I went to moodio.fm tried listening to a stream but every time I tried I got an error with the media player. Any ideas?
    04-07-09 09:57 AM
  9. vzwpru's Avatar
    Well I guess im glad I figured this one out on my own........And it works great!
    04-09-09 12:02 AM
  10. dirtbiker0025's Avatar
    it would be even cooler to have say a trapster like device but actual gps of all the cops
    04-09-09 12:11 AM
  11. dfloyd's Avatar
    just by a decent scanner and put it in your car.... way more effective and capable than the storm would be. Plus most police and fire and such now run truncated systems so once the dispatch connects the call is constantly moved around the trunk plus trunks are also digital...
    it's illegal in most states to hav a scanner Mounted in a vehicle so use one that's portable.
    04-09-09 02:28 AM
  12. Daniel King's Avatar
    There is an app out now, in app world called trapster. I think it might be like what your looking for
    04-09-09 02:46 AM
  13. sgtturner's Avatar
    ScanAmerica: Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners has a lot of streams. I don't know though if it is possible to play the streams over the phone. You probably could with some program.
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    Great find. use it on my pc and the storm
    04-09-09 03:28 AM
  14. bed685's Avatar
    how do you set up a scanner stream for ORB? Is there a trick?
    05-04-09 09:47 PM
  15. Bornsinner's Avatar
    Great find. use it on my pc and the storm
    How are you playing this on the storm.....

    05-27-09 12:58 AM
  16. cbBB9530's Avatar
    wow i am glad we have an encrypted channel....

    Wanna hear what's happening on the police radio? Sign up and take the test.
    this is why people dont like police
    05-27-09 04:35 AM
  17. rakibby's Avatar
    I get Scanamerica.us to run on my storm...But I had to play with the different media players it offers. First things first when you come to the webpage thru the storm it will ask you to download Adobe flash player 8 just cancel, and it will load the page without it. So next pick your state then your county then when you get a list of different departments to choose from down below that it offers you to choose different types of players, you need to pick winamp player then click on the department you want to play then the storm will switch to your media player and if there is any air traffic you will hear it. It's working perfect for me, and I'm not using Moodio.
    05-27-09 07:33 PM
  18. kastein's Avatar
    This is awesome...all I did was create an account on pc...add my city's feed then go to m.moodio.fm and it streams through media

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    05-27-09 07:55 PM
  19. bed685's Avatar
    How do you create the stream from the scanner to listen on ORB? I have a scanner and I use ORB but cant get the two together.
    06-16-09 08:02 AM
  20. patrick.butler's Avatar
    try scanamerica.us on your storm.
    06-25-09 08:28 PM
  21. exoduster18's Avatar
    So I feel that it is safe to assume that those on here who don't like rubber neckers/people to own scanners are not alright with the FOIA? Or, rather, is it favorable to those mentioned above that they could listen into drug dealers/other criminals using the same technology?

    What about the infrared? Or the various other technologies that Law Enforcement agencies have access to? Is this not the same idea? How can one claim to be for it for their benefit, but against it for us "civilians"?

    "Who will guard the guards?" - I don't who said it as I can't remember, but it seems rather fitting here.

    Listening to a scanner (from my standpoint) is purely entertainment. Also, I have one here as most of my family lives close by. If they are in an emergency, then they aren't going to call me first, they are going to call 911. I'll here their address on the scanner and know that someone I love is in trouble. So, for me, it's entertaining and a way to help out my family/friends if need be.
    06-25-09 08:41 PM
  22. b51's Avatar
    So it's "entertaining" to listen to other peoples emergencies and crisis'??? And what is wrong with using the technology against people who are breaking the law as long as the law is followed in the process (I.e. Warrants, etc.) ? Using the different technologies available (with the proper checks in place--Warrants, etc) to combat crime and criminals is a whole lot different than a bunch of nosy people who have no life and would rather listen to someone else's emergencies. And also, as mentioned previously only a criminal or a fool would be in favor of making it easier for other criminals to listen in on police communications.

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    06-25-09 09:03 PM
  23. Timsterpeck's Avatar
    Not all people have it to be nosey. My dad use to be on the FD. He got hurt and now is so use to having one he can't part with it. Anything happens to me or anyone else in the family, we will know. If a parties going to get busted, my dad will call me to let me know to find my driver and get out. It lets us know about weather emergencies in case someone we know has an emergency we can possible give them a hand. I see nothing wrong with having a scanner.
    06-26-09 12:49 AM
  24. SmokeyPepsi's Avatar
    There's an app for iphone I know Can't think of the name of it
    06-26-09 01:22 AM
  25. PUNISSHER's Avatar
    this is why people dont like police
    Remember that when you need the police. Don't dial 911.
    06-26-09 03:01 AM
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