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    I have an idea for a very usefull app. I know both GSM and CDMA phones can do call forwarding. My issue/need is specifiacally for CDMA (sprint/verizon).

    There are times where I know I will be on a call for a long time or where reception is borderline and I would prefer to be on a nearby landline connection.

    I know all the forwarding options that needs to be done prior to the call. But there must be a way to decide if you want the call forwarded and to what number after it rings but before you pick it up.

    Can an app be created where:

    1)Phone rings
    2) prompt options: ignore, answer, forward
    3) first two options are obvious but under "forward" - have a a couple of predefined numbers and have the call re-routed to the one of those numbers. obviously you could add a user input number for one of the forward options too but that my take to long.

    Example, I'm in my office where I want it to ring my cell phone to track number but I want to forward to my office number and answer on the land line. Instead of answer or ignore I would hit forward, options would come up with "forward to home" "forward to office" and "forward to other".
    I would hit forward to office and seconds later office phone rings.

    I am guessing that once the call is answered it cannot be forwarded. So could the phone dail the forward no answer or busy instruction while the phone is ringing.

    Got some other thoughts too, really hope someone wants to give it a try.

    08-20-09 10:18 PM