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    I know this goes against the culture of those of us that truly love our Blackberry's, but I have only three friends who also own BBerry's and we are the only one's who use it, very infrequently, if at all. Therefore, why do I need to keep Blackberry Messenger on my phone? Are there any negatives to removing BBM? Does anyone know of removing BBM and the results are problems with their phones or service? I've searched all I could for an answer but all were old and outdated posts with people using old devices. I just feel that BBM is always running in the background and wastes both space and battery. If that is true, why should I keep this app on my 9930?

    I know there are those of you that live for BBM (not an insult) but I think there are many of us who could give a crap about BBM. I love all of the other features on my Blackberry such as the keyboard and quick emails and texts and I will continue to buy Blackberry devices (as long as there is a Bold BB10 / keyboard model).

    05-14-12 08:27 PM
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    You can try downloading BBM from AppWorld to overwrite the one on your phone. I think this will bump BBM down to the status of 3rd party app and then you can delete BBM just like any other 3rd party app. I used to be able to do that with OS 5.
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    05-14-12 09:46 PM
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    If you do use it every now and then I don't see why you would want to delete it.

    05-14-12 10:03 PM
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    i dont think BBM actually runs in the background when i look at device analyzer even when on BBM alot it is never at the top of the used apps list

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    05-14-12 10:36 PM
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    I would just keep it nonetheless. It wouldn't even bother me if i still didn't use it.
    Barely used BBM on my 9700, but now it's one of my most used apps.
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    05-14-12 11:05 PM
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    I would keep it. Some apps need BBM to work properly, such as ScoreMobile.

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    05-15-12 12:03 AM
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    u cant delete it from option - device - application management.

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    05-15-12 12:06 AM
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    i dont think it actually runs in the background.

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    05-15-12 02:52 AM
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    I want to delete it, is it possible?
    05-15-12 04:54 AM
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    It's possible by using a hybrid OS that comes with a hybrid BBM through apploader.
    You can then uninstall the stock BBM and choose not to install the hybrid BBM.

    Example of such an OS => babyluv barracuda
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    05-15-12 06:10 AM
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    You certainly can delete BBM:
    From your phone's browser go to: www . rroyy.com. On his site, scroll down to applications, and then to Blackberry Messenger, and download the correct version, and re-boot. (This replaces your current version of BBM and it will now have a delete option.) After the phone reboots go to options>device>application management>BB Messenger. Click on it and you will now have an option to delete it.
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    05-15-12 06:32 AM
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    Thanks for the responses from you all. I've now decided to reconsider whether I need to delete it even though I barely use it. Maybe with the new BB10's, more folks will utilize BBM and I'll still have it. I am just concerned whether it is constantly running in the background thus wasting battery and memory. If that is not the case then maybe I'll wait a bit. Thanks for giving me your thoughts.

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    05-15-12 01:34 PM