1. jonathanslam's Avatar
    Hey guys, I just got me a Blackberry 8700g with service from T-Mobile. So far its pretty good, I like texting on it, not really any problems, but just one that I really want on it... I want to install a Instant Messaging application.

    I thought it was supposed to include the OZ Communications Application but apparently I didn't see it there...

    I have T-Mobile with unlimited text, no data plan. Do you guys here know how I could get OZ or any other application that has AIM that I could install on my 8700 that uses SMS? OS version is so it's older I think, not really quite sure..

    I got Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on my computer already... It says I have to use a ALX or ALI file for installing applications... Do I have to upgrade my BB's OS? Please help me out! I'd love IM on my BB asap Thanks yall.
    10-16-09 02:11 AM