1. Slvrbck's Avatar
    Ok, so I have had a BlackBerry for about 6 months and have been addicted to it for about 5 and a half...

    But today was a turning point for me.

    As I am based in the UK, I assumed that most geographic dependant applications wouldn't work (weather, radio, cinema listing finders, etc).

    Then today someone mentioned that they used Viigo in the UK.

    O MY GOD....
    I just started using it and it has every feature in it I could ever want, works perfectly.... IT ROCKS!

    I need 2 more things and my Berry will be perfect:
    • An application to change the colour of the LED for different events
    • An application that manages tasks better than the built in BB task application

    Would love both to be free but happy to pay for the right application.
    07-20-09 02:56 PM
  2. DKatri's Avatar
    BB alerts will do the LED changing thig you are looking for

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    07-20-09 03:35 PM
  3. donnation's Avatar
    Get BerryBuzz to change your LED different colors for different events. It works great!
    07-20-09 03:36 PM
  4. Slvrbck's Avatar
    Cheers for the advice guys.
    Will have a search for both now.
    07-20-09 03:45 PM