1. w_bovine's Avatar
    Thanks to the kindness of gomez72000 I received an invite to Google Voice. That means, of course, that I now have 3 invites to send out. It would of course only be proper for me to offer them to those of you out there.

    Simply ask, and include a short note as to what you like about bovines. Hey...just a bit o' fun on my part!

    I'm at work, so please be patient if I do not respond quickly.
    02-19-10 12:06 PM
  2. rizzzzoooo's Avatar
    Would like one....what I like about bovines? The T-bone steaks they produce!!!! : )
    02-19-10 12:09 PM
  3. dlnielse's Avatar
    Thanks for your generosity!

    What do I like about bovines? Cheese, need I say more? And it's renewable!!!
    02-19-10 12:09 PM
  4. knowledge928's Avatar
    may i receive one? i like making yummy burgers with them
    02-19-10 12:12 PM
  5. w_bovine's Avatar
    may i receive one? i like making yummy burgers with them
    Oh dear...hurry now...carefully read my initial post!

    AH HA! I just got your edit! PM me with your email address.

    All 3 of my invites pending at this moment...

    rizzzzoooo and dlnielse...check your PM's...knowledge928 already got the invite!
    Last edited by w_bovine; 02-19-10 at 01:31 PM.
    02-19-10 12:14 PM
  6. terrie1972's Avatar

    The steaks also!
    02-19-10 12:30 PM
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